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The rapid developments in the imaging methods have raised those technologies to an indispensable status. The fact that early diagnosis of many diseases is possible facilitates the treatment. At the top of the fields which hospitals makes the biggest investments is imaging units, and their equipment is of utmost importance. 

The tools used in diagnosis of many diseases originating from tumors or neurologic, physiological and traumatic incidence at the Radiology Department in Private Kocaeli Hospital are as follows: 


They are used especially in diagnosing bone and lung diseases.

  •  Lung Graphy, PA
  •  Flat Abdominal Radiograph
  •  Joint Graphy
  •  Cervical Graphy
  •  Waters (Sinus) Graphy
  •  Tele Graphy
  •  Dorsal Lumbar
  •  Femur
  •  Humerus


  •  Bottom Extremity Arteries Top CDS
  •  Bottom Extremity Arteries Bottom CDS
  •  Obstetric (Pregnancy) CDS
  •  Pelvic CDS
  • Venous CDS
  • Thyroid Doppler
  • Renal Doppler 


The most widely used method of detecting diseases in internal organs and abdominal region

  • Abdomen US
  • Neck US
  • Mamma US
  • Pelvic US
  • Renal US
  • Hip Joint US
  • Urinary System US
  • Thyroid US
  • Scrotal US
  • Superficial Tissue US


  • Mamma Biopsy
  • Thyroid Biopsy
  • HSG (Hysterosalpingography – Imaging of Uterus)
  • Mammography
  • Panoramic X-Ray
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Is used in diagnosis of whole body, brain and muscle diseases
  • MRI Angiography

TOMOGRAPHY (CT) (Dual Source)

It is the method of detecting diseases by obtaining cross-sectional image of the body by use of X-rays.

  • No solid food should be eaten within the last 4 hours before the CT examination. However, liquid food and beverages may be consumed.
  • The patient must arrive 15 minutes before the test. That period is important for preparation and registration.
  • If the area of the body which will be examined is pelvis or stomach, the patient must arrive 1 hour before.
  • The patient will be given a contrast agent to drink for the images of the bowels to be more clear. 
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