Workers Safety and Health

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Workers Safety and Health

With the involvement of all of our employees, in consideration of our employees’ physical and psychological health, we are committed to; 

  • Preventing probable work accidents, occupational diseases and harmful environmental effects at the source,
  • Establishing conscience and culture of workers’ health and safety organizing all the educational activities and the required drills regarding workers’ health and safety,
  • Acting in compliance with the legal requirements,
  • Detecting and eliminating unsafe conditions, behavior and probable accident risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace and its premises, after conducting risk evaluations,
  • Providing the continuous promotion of our workers health and safety system by identifying new aims and targets every year, and accordingly assigning the top priority to the workers’ health and safety,

Within the scope of our targets which we have determined in the understanding of continuous development, and complying with the domestic and international legislation regarding the field of activity and workers health and safety, including particularly the Occupational Health and Safety Law no. 6331 and the related regulations.